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What is the Better Way to Show Your Art, Solo Exhibition or Group Exhibition?

The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has brought about major transformations in different industries. The art industry has not been an exception to the case and COVID-19 has not just laid its effect on human lives but also on the ways of artists and the art industry. In these times, one of the things that has gained popularity is art gallery online.

With lockdown restrictions and social distancing norms, the digital platform has become the way-to-go for artists and art enthusiasts in every field of art, be it fine American art or even an art competition. If you are an artist, wondering how to stage your art in today’s time, then here you can find some effective and useful advice. 

Be it a solo exhibition or a group art exhibition, this blog covers important details and information about how an artist can successfully show their art, solo exhibitions and group exhibitions. This will be especially handy if you are new to do, or even if it is your first time. 

Along with that, if you have staged exhibitions earlier, then you’ll find how to show your art in today’s time where conventional exhibitions are slowly going out of style. 

Staging Your Art: Things To Remember

Whether it is organizing an exhibition, or a simple online art competition, a new venture can be scary, confusing and complicated. Without the right knowledge, one may not get the desired results they are aiming for.

In order to display your art, solo exhibition or group exhibition, going for a gallery remains to be the conventional option. But along with that, another very popular and highly effective option is showing your art online. 

The primary objective of all art shows or exhibitions is selling the artworks. When that is said, an artist may wonder, “How to sell art online?”

That is a pretty legitimate question, especially with the trend of digital exhibitions still on the rise and most artists not knowing the way about. When it comes to getting your art selected by a gallery, there are two key things that you need to prepare very carefully:

Artist’s Resume

Your artist’s resume goes on to speak volumes about your artistic skills and experience. List out as many artistic achievements as you may have got under your cap. This is not just important for gallery exhibitions, but if you want to know how to sell art online through your own website, then this is a key element. This is not a typical job resume, but more like a portfolio where you talk about your works, awards and accolades in a simple way. Mention your accomplishments, anything at any levels starting from national art exhibitions or even an online art competition.

Artist’s Statement

This goes for both brick and mortar galleries as well as an art gallery online where you may want to show your art. Having an artist’s statement for each of your works is important. You must be able to clearly describe what the art is all about in a public statement.

This statement will be visible to all visitors at the gallery or the audience on your website who will be checking out the exhibition through an art gallery online

Along with these, a few other factors to remember are: 

  • For a group exhibition, make sure you have a theme. 
  • Pitch the gallery and hold discussions with them
  • You can recruit other artists and choose their pieces for a group exhibition. 
  • Update your Facebook profile and other social media sites along with writing a press release about your art gallery online, if you are planning the exhibition there.
  • Artwork installation

Some Special Preparations For An Online Art Gallery

Fine American art has found its way on the digital platform and its popularity is increasing steadily. If you want to know how to sell art online, and aiming an art gallery online to stage your works, then here’s a few basic steps to remember:

  • Find the right host.
  • Photograph your art.
  • Choose the right theme or design.
  • A presentable artist’s biography is a must, as said earlier. 

That makes it easier for artists looking to show their art, solo or group exhibitions and makes the process seamless and more efficient.