A Glance at the Vaporizer Glass Pipe

There is a high degree of versatility associated with vaporizers today. The vaporizer glass pipe continues to remain a popular purchase across the world. Also known as the smoking glass pipe, glass pipes have been hailed for their hassle-free usage by vaping enthusiasts. The very history of vapour inhalation in ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilization involved the use of small tubes. In earlier days, these miniature glass vaporizing tubes were utilized for inhaling vapours of medicinal herbs and other concoctions. Later, this went on to include recreational substances such as such as hemp and other forms of cannabis. This mechanism further evolved into the “chillum”, which became very popular across the world in the middle ages.


With the advent of the Industrial Revolution in Europe in the latter half of the 18th century, large-scale production of glass became possible. This led to easy availability of glass and thereon, technological evolution brought the modern vaping glass pipe into existence. Today there are numerous glass pipes of different shapes, sizes and composition, to suit the needs of both habitual vape users and newcomers across the world.


User-Friendly Vaporizers


For those who have just set foot into the world of vaping, there is no dearth of devices and flavour variations to explore. What is most novel and unique about vapour inhalation (as opposed to traditional cigarettes) is the high level of flexibility and customization offered by these devices. Whether you prefer a nicotine-free vaping device or one for cannabis use, there are plenty of options out there.


For instance, vapensmokengo.com is an online store selling all kinds of vaporizers, e-liquids and accessories at value for money prices. Primarily, there are two varieties of vaporizers- disposable and reusable. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more to explore, with a variety of vape hardware, vape accessories, smoking glass pipe, novelty devices and so on.


What is a Vaporizer Glass Pipe?


Many vaping users believe that the pure and unadulterated flavour of your vaporizer juice or e-liquid can only be experienced in a well-designed vaporizer made with glass. This is essentially because glass is one of the most inert and non-reactive materials, and therefore does not contaminate the flavour in any way. There are several other reasons for the high preference for glass-based vaporizers amongst users today.


This includes the fact that glass is much easier to clean and maintain as compared to other materials. Apart from overall ease of use, many habitual vapers prefer the sheer aesthetics of the smoking glass pipe. Of course, it is bulkier in comparison to vape pens, but the visual appeal also becomes a unique selling proposition, opted for by many vaping enthusiasts.


Types of Glass Pipes for Vaping


The glass pipe variants for vapour inhalation are plentiful. The oldest version is of course the traditional chillum, and many users swear by its convenience even today. Small portable glass-based vaporizers, the spoon-pipe version has been in vogue off late.


As the name suggests, the compact spoon shape makes it easy to use and carry around. Sherlock glass pipes are renowned for their in-built carbon-based filters which ensure zero residues in the vapour that you inhale. Yet another variant of the vaporizer glass pipe, is the steamroller which has an elaborate structure.


The e-liquid is housed in a bowl-like chamber with a mouthpiece for heavy doses of inhalation. This is preferred by veteran users. For those who like to take the conventional route, glass-based bongs are a familiar and cost-effective option, which never goes out of style.


The familiarity and smooth hits of bong vaping have etched its place in pop culture, unparalleled by any other vaporizer. If your focus is on aesthetics, you can also opt for the borosilicate glass-based vaporizer pipe which changes color with every vape or inhalation.


Concerns about Vaping


It is true that practice of vaping and the sale of vape devices have faced the brunt of legal restrictions in some countries. Yet in many countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, China, Russia, Poland, South Africa etc, vaping continues to remain legal, as long as the user is aged 21 years or above. As per studies, reusable e-cigarettes and vape pens have been found to be more popular than disposable ones.


There are close to 41 million e-cigarette users across the world, and many opt for vaping as a better alternative to conventional cigarettes. Also, there is a new trend that majority of users tend to make purchases online as opposed to in-store buying, due to sheer convenience and cost-effective offers in online vape product stores.

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